We carry a wide variety of Stained Glass, Fusing, Mosaic, Lampwork Beadmaking,  and Soldered Jewelry supplies for craftspeople of all skill levels, including all of the chemicals and tools that are required to make the most beautiful artwork possible. For more information on the supplies required, stop by the store today!

Art Glass

We stock a wide variety of glass from a number

of different manufacturers including:

  1. Spectrum

  2. Uroboros

  3. Armstrong

  4. Firedragon

There are a number of different textures that we also stock that will change the look of your pieces. The different textures include:

  1. Artique

  2. Waterglass

  3. Rough Rolled

  4. Baroque

  5. Iridized

  6. Streaky

  7. English Muffle

We also carry a selection of miscellaneous clears, mirror, dichroic, and fusing glass. For more information on our wide variety of glass, please send us an email, call, or stop by today!

Books and Patterns

  1. Bullseye

  2. GNA

  3. Wissmach

  4. Kokomo

  1. Granite

  2. Ripple

  3. Cathedral

  4. Seedy

  5. Corsica

  6. Veccio

We have a large selection of books filled with amazing patterns for all skill levels. Beginners will love the 15 Pieces or Less books, and the more advanced artists will love the Aanraku books! Also, stop by the store to check out our individual patterns for only 50¢!