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Some of these items are for sale in our store and some of them have been sold but they can be made again!

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  1. My stained glass window inset fell into the bathtub this week and shattered and bent the frame in a few places. I have another one in an adjacent window that is still intact. It measures about 4 ft long X almost 4 ft. Wide. My husband says it likely is not the best quality as US homes put it in a few of the homes in our subdivision back in the late 1980’s. Questions: is the old frame salvageable or should we chuck it? Approximately how much per square foot to build another one. I can send a picture of the remaining window inset.

    1. Hello and thanks for contacting us regarding your window rebuild. Yes we can build a new window based on your picture or a rubbing of the existing window. The old frame is not reusable and please send a picture of the remaining good window to . We can give you a good estimate based of off the picture and our windows cost between $100 and $150 per square foot based on the complexity and glass used.

  2. I gave all of my equipment and glass to my daughter back in Illinois, but I want to make a wedding gift for my granddaughter. Is it possible to use your tools and buy the needed materials and make one in your shop?

    1. We do not have tools to loan but you can take a one month class and use our grinders and chemicals to make a project as long as it fits on a 24 by 24 inch work board. Our begginer tool kit is $105 and includes everything you should need except for the glass cutter and glass.

  3. Do you have any panels for front door side windows? If so, can you show them on line with a price? I need one that is about 9 inches wide and up to 80 inches long, or anything elongated to hang in front of my current panel of plain glass.

    1. We do not make any windows in advance that would fit those dimensions. All side light windows are custom made to order so you would need to come into our store to discuss ideas for making a window that would fit in your opening.

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