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Lamp Base Repairs

We can perform repairs of most lamp bases including electrical and mechanical repairs.  Please bring in your repairs for a free estimate, or send us an email containing a picture of your lamp repair to



18 thoughts on “Lamp Repair

  1. Any idea where I can find a floor lamp base for my stained glass lamp? I noticed you have table lamp bases. Thought maybe you would know….

    1. 3 socket chain lamp not working. Replaced sockets, cord, and plug what’s left? Help! Beautiful lamp Id love to still get use out of. Thanks

  2. I have an ocholla cactus lamp that needs a new three-way switch and hopefully re-energize the light rope that up inside The skeleton.

  3. I have a brass Stiffel table lamp that needs replating and a new 3-way switch on the base. Can you make these repairs?

    We also have a small Tiffany style lamp that is missing the hart to attach the glass shade to the base. Can you help us with these two lamps?

    We are new to Arizona and cannot find anyone to do these repairs. Thank you for your consideration

    1. We have replacement harps in many sizes so we can help you with that one. We can replace the switch for you but you will need to contact Metro Plating in Mesa to get the plating redone.

  4. I have a touch-on lamp that will not respond to touch ..lights up when plugs in but flickers
    Is that something you can fix?

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