We are a full service studio offering:

  • Instructional Classes
  • Commissioned Work
  • Stained Glass Repair
  • Cabinet Door panel removal and replacement
  • Gift Showcase
  • Stained Glass, Fusing and Mosaic Supplies
  • Custom Framing

Instructional Classes;


Our hands-on instructional classes are designed for all skill levels. From beginners through advanced techniques, our studio accommodates eight students comfortably while still allowing for personalized instruction. Our class schedules accommodate even the busiest lifestyles. Why not come in and try your hand on a stained glass class?

Commissioned Work;

We offer our expertise in the creation of original new designs in stained glass for both residential and commercial windows doors and lighting designs. Whatever your project needs, we can help you achieve a creative stained glass solution.

Stained Glass Repair;

Lamp Repair Before
Lamp Repair After
Lamp Repair After







Do you have a stained glass window, panel, or lamp in need of repair? We can repair or rebuild your glass artwork to its’ former glory. We will even try to match the original glass when available. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Cabinet Door panel removal and replacement;


We remove cabinet door panels and cut new glass to fit or build stained glass panels to install into the cabinet door frames.

Gift Showcase;


Our extensive showcase of extraordinary one-of-a-kind items demonstrate innovative design and precision craftsmanship.

Stained Glass, Fusing and Mosaic Supplies;

We supply craftsman with glass, tools, and most of all: inspiration.

We offer a wide array of colorful glass including: Oceanside, Bullseye, Kokomo, GNA, Uroboros, Armstrong, Youghiogheny, and more.

We also have a full range of tools including: 

  • Inland, Glastar, and Gryphon Grinders
  • Taurus Saws
  • Morton Design Tools
  • 50/50 and 60/40 Solder
  • And many other miscellaneous supplies to complete your project!

Custom Framing;

Our carpenter can build any style of frame for your project with or without finishing. Here are a few examples of his work!